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All our trophies are shipped within the USA. Importing trophy products from overseas bearing branded marks such as NFL logo, NBA logo, MLB logo is strictly unauthorized by the brand owners. No overseas manufacturers producing these trophies are authorized to import. This is a fact. We can confirm that you are taking a huge risk of internal prosecution if these goods are stopped through regular random checks by U.S customs and border patrol bearing your United States residential addresses.


For the knowledgeable and until proven otherwise, it is my craftsmanship that sets the standards in this hobby. I look at you as a fellow collector. I regard your order as a commission to create affordable trophy art through hand crafted metalsmithery. I do not entertain wholesale, or memorabilia dealers. You will rarely, if ever see my work for sale at large memorabilia fairs or conventions. The majority of people who are in receipt of my trophies have commissioned me directly on a one on one basis. If anything i am a thorn in the side of retailers because i create a thing of beauty, and of unparalleled quality that is available to all collectors at a price dealers pay for overseas junk. I am certainly not a retailer who holds inventory that is ready to ship next day. On the contrary, our inventory are our tools and born out of these tools and your specifications a work of art is created. Any trophy, by definition, irrespective of any attached paraphernalia is a material representation of an achievement/award. From the local pool hall to the razzmatazz of a major sporting final, the trophy that is presented represents both the achievement of the winners and is the visible symbol of the sport. My objective is to recreate the trophy so that the piece is worthy of offering the finest representation of the sport. We all know it is not real, however it is without doubt the ultimate collectible that allows us to champion our most cherished sports. One of the most satisfying aspects of doing what I do is the feedback I get from you when he or she receives their trophy. I enjoy reading the feedback comments and I enjoy the process of getting this done for you. I like the challenge of taking an order and fulfilling it to the highest standards afforded to me. I am always a phone call (+1 831 471 5567) or email ( away. You are my customer and customer service is my main objective. Any personalized hand-made goods must ultimately come with a personal touch.


Simply The Very Best High End Trophy Store On-line

Replica Trophies by Copytrophy. Our Copy Vince Lombardi Trophy is stunning, accurate and made to last.
     Copy Larry O Brien Trophy 2 feet tall, 14 pounds and regulation size ball.
       Our highest end trophy is the Copy World Series Trophy. A complicated design that has been fine tuned into what is now, without doubt a division above its nearest challenger. Words can’t describe it and pictures do not do it justice.
         Copy George Halas or Lamar Hunt, the perfect complement in any Super Bowl memorabilia collection.
           For our College Football fanatics. Copy College Football Trophy soon to be unleashed onto countless man caves. Our up coming edition is now edging closer to the level of excellence only copytrophy consistently produce. Moving onto our soccer fans, the Copy Champions League Trophy. The closest champions league trophy to be found anywhere. Recently had its latest upgrade where we perfected even the smallest fractions of scaling, overall technical improvements to the manufacture process, and striking improvements to the finish.
             For our German fans the Copy Bundesliga Trophy. A Copy trophy with a tremendous amount of component fittings and hand crafted detail, notably the vast amount of engraving on the five separately engraved plates. Finished in high shine nickel silver and attractive emerald stone inlays.
              For our Aussie Rules fans, the Copy Premiership Trophy. As with Super Bowl Sunday, grand final day brings Australia to a crawl. Best described as both a classy trophy and more fittingly the holy grail of Aussie Rules Football.


                There are no borders to contend with for all my iconic U.S sports trophies. You receive the goods within the USA and any returns will be within the USA. Purchasing from overseas (import) for any iconic U.S trophies is inadvisable. The problems that regularly arise are very much self-explanatory.


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                CAPS Members are the owners of, and/or are responsible for the licensing and protection of, the names, trademarks, copyrights, symbols, emblems, designs, logos, photographs, uniforms, team colors and identification of their respective teams, organizations and collegiate institutions. No one may manufacture, distribute, offer to sell and/or sell any products bearing the Marks unless said products are made pursuant to a license from, or the express written consent of, the CAPS Members or their respective teams, organizations or collegiate institutions. Copytrophy in name and content demonstrates a definitive distinction. Copytrophy does not hold inventory bearing the marks, names, trademarks, copyrights, symbols, emblems, designs, logos, photographs, uniforms, team colors and identification of their respective teams, organizations and collegiate institutions available for purchase on the copytrophy platform. All trophies at the point of purchase are BLANK with absolutely NO paraphernalia on the trophies whatsoever. The commissioner of the artwork is determined after completion of check out.

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