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Always ask for ”Lee Butler” in communications.

‘Greetings Sports Fans”. Welcome subscribers and customers. Some visitors will be here either through word of mouth, or have previously commissioned a trophy from me via other third-party platforms. I now conduct over 90% of my trophy business directly though my store. Confidence via word of mouth and endless referrals through the memorabilia world is bringing you directly to me. Please feel free to purchase via my COPYTROPHY site offering you lower prices with full payment security. Check out my Trustpilot reviews.

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For the knowledgeable and until proven otherwise, it is my craftsmanship that sets the standards in this hobby. I look at you as a fellow collector. I regard your order as a commission to create affordable trophy art through hand crafted metalsmithery. I do not entertain wholesale, or memorabilia dealers. You will rarely, if ever see my work for sale at large memorabilia fairs or conventions. The majority of people who are in receipt of my trophies have commissioned me directly on a one on one basis. If anything i am a thorn in the side of retailers because i create a thing of beauty, and of unparalleled quality that is available to all collectors at a price dealers pay for overseas junk. I am certainly not a retailer who holds inventory that is ready to ship next day. On the contrary, our inventory are our tools and born out of these tools and your specifications a work of art is created.  Any trophy, by definition, irrespective of any attached paraphernalia is a material representation of an achievement/award. From the local pool hall to the razzmatazz of a major sporting final, the trophy that is presented represents both the achievement of the winners and is the visible symbol of the sport. My objective is to recreate the trophy so that the piece is worthy of offering the finest representation of the sport. We all know it is not real, however it is without doubt the ultimate collectible that allows us to champion our most cherished sports.

One of the most satisfying aspects of doing what I do is the feedback I get from you when he or she receives their trophy. I enjoy reading the feedback comments and I enjoy the process of getting this done for you. I like the challenge of taking an order and fulfilling it to the highest standards afforded to me. I am always a phone call (+1 831 471 5567) or email (info@copytrophy.com) away. You are my customer and customer service is my main objective. Any personalized hand-made goods must ultimately come with a personal touch.

All our trophies are meticulously hand-made to order. At the point of purchase you can request absolutely any additional artwork, and no extra lead time.











I refuse to add small print disclaimers to incorporate quality scores such as ”small scratches, very minor dents and blemishes can sometimes be present” ask for pictures first etc. At COPYTROPHY this is not problematic enough to disclaim. I have no side notes or footnotes degrading my trophies. They say pictures speak a thousand words, well ”unfortunately not when photographing a silver object it doesn’t”. Everything about me and my trophies is fine tuned into delivering a trophy as perfect as one can replicate. This is why I have a zero quibble returns policy. I am not here to catch you out and I have always fulfilled my obligations on every occasion.