Premier League Trophy

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The Premier League Trophy is the ultimate prize that teams battle for over 38 matches.

We have been making bespoke copy trophies for some of the worlds finest sportsmen and coaches primarily for U.S sports. It is only after years of requests due to the only alternatives being cheap resin i have made this trophy. As you can see from my trust pilot reviews and rating we are streets ahead of the field in this game. It has taken me over a year to get this trophy to this stage and boy the trophy is a thing of beauty. As with the real trophy it is in three parts, the base alone weighing in at approx. 30 pounds. The crown also detaches from the piece as does the base. The total height is a whopping 3.5 foot tall and 2 foot wide. Each piece has its own polystyrene mold and box for safe storage. The cost of shipping is included in the price for UK mainland orders and works out at just short of 400 pounds. If you are located else where i will calculate your destination and any difference can be negotiated. If you desire the worlds finest reproduction of the Premier League Trophy you have come to the right place. My guys are 5th and 6th generation brass handicraftsmen and you just do not get this anywhere else. Some of our techniques have been passed down the generations.


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