Vince Lombardi Trophy, Super Bowl 52, LII Philadelphia Eagles

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New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles
33 41
1 2 3 4 OT Total
NE 3 9 14 7 33
PE 9 13 7 12 41
Date February 4, 2018
Stadium US Bank Stadium,
MVP Nick Foles, Quarterback
Favorite Patriots
Referee Gene Steratore
Attendance 67,612


2017 Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII Lombardi Trophy Replica


the_spinnerThe spinner places an 11-inch blank into a lathe in front of a wooden block called a chuck. A chuck is used to bend the metal to give it a new shape.
pressing-the-metalMy trophy is not silver it is made from a high grade brass. Brass is arguably the best none precious metal as it can be worked almost the same as silver. After the machine is started, the spinner uses a tool to gradually press the metal over the chuck.
a-tale-of-two-halvesThe wooden chucks graduate in size until a steel chuck is used to give the ball its final shape. This process is repeated to complete the second half of the ball.
coming-togetherThe halves are fitted with four strips to create a lip to lock the ball together. When the ball is in two halves we have access to perfect the finish on the very ends of the ball (the stitching). You cannot do this if your ball is caste in one piece!
tie-your-lacesBecause we can successfully make the ball in two halves and work it almost the same, we have the luxury of using the sheet in the correct gauge (thickness) this then enables us to work in the finer details that are impossible to achieve when using a single mould with a thick uneven finish with no access. As with the real Lombardi our laces are welded into the small dents.
assemblyOnce all the pieces are polished, the silversmith screws a rod into the ball which is lowered into the base. The ball is then located onto the base and fastened with a nut. This is not a case of engraving a super bowl final onto a finished trophy. Unlike the real Lombardi the engraving/etching is almost the very first step in the process! This is not a solid sterling silver piece; rather the base metal is brass. You cannot engrave over the plating as it will expose the brass. To get the trophy as close as possible to the real sterling silver finish, I must engrave first then plate & polish after.
touching-baseUsing a template as a guide, the sides and bottom of the base are cut from a piece of Brass. The sides are rolled over a cone-shaped block to give it a concave shape. If you look carefully at this picture you will see that the blank base on the table has two holes. People sometime make the mistake of thinking the shield on this trophy is engraved into the base. This is absolutely not the case. The shield is a separate badge that is located into the two holes.
close-encountersAs you can see here with the Denver Broncos coach, Tyke Tolbert’s Lombardi. The finish and the form factor have come together nicely. I designed the art work when the winners trophy was still in the process of engraving after Super Bowl Sunday.


20 reviews for Vince Lombardi Trophy, Super Bowl 52, LII Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Harry Grace (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how nice the Lombardi Trophy is. Lee and his crew are awesome. It looks 100% authentic. Everyone I show it to is amazed by how real it looks. Thank you Lee! You’re awesome!

  2. Eddie Nungesser

    This trophy is really something else. I was overwhelmed with how big it is never having seen one in person before. I can’t wait to order a World Series Trophy next.

  3. K. Chizz Chisholm (verified owner)

    Hey Lee,
    It’s Chizz from Va!
    I received my trophy, and WOW I was blown away, just wanted to say thank you so much you guys did an awesome job the craftsmanship was unbelievable it’s looks just like the real one itself, eye candy, it’s been all over the 757, everyone loves it, some people actually thought it was the actual Lombardo trophy! lol
    Big shout out to you and your staff, from the time I placed my order to the time I received my trophy, you kept me up dated on the process and what stage it was end by video’s or by emails, it did take about 6 weeks from start to finish, and I can’t forget about Zelle. It was my first time using that banking system and everything went so smoothly!
    Thanks again, can’t wait for the Eagles to win another Superbowl so can order me another from you Lee, be bless my brother and thank again so much. Wow!!


  4. Mario (verified owner)

    Amazing trophy. Lee’s attention to detail is second to none. A true 1 to 1 copy of the real thing. It is worth the wait!

  5. James thomas (verified owner)

    I want to take a few minutes to thank Lee and his staff for the awesome Lombardi Trophy I purchased. It far exceeded my expectations. I was blown away by how beautiful the workmanship was and needless to say am very very very happy with my purchase. If you love sports trophies by from copytrophy… the best there is!!!!

  6. James (verified owner)

    This trophy is freaking awesome, thank u so much

  7. Kevin Ferguson (verified owner)

    Lee the trophies are beautiful thank you so much Hopefully the eagles win a bunch more of these

  8. Michael Hall (verified owner)

    My son Kevin was blown away by the trophy.
    Thanks for helping make the memory.

  9. Karen (verified owner)

    Hi. I received the Eagles SB trophy today. Looks great. My hubby luvs it! Thx again!

  10. Ernie D (verified owner)

    Lee, received our Eagles Lombardi today. Wow! Beautiful! Awesome job thank you!

    Regards, Ernie D.

  11. John Boccella (verified owner)

    What a Fantastic experience! Lee is an absolute first class businessman. The trophy is a work of art and its amazing how close it is too the real thing, I was shocked. Having won our first Super bowl and having this as a piece of history is just Awesome. Cant wait to add a second to the collection and highly recommend “Copy Trophy”. The transaction was smooth and the quality is top shelf. Thank you again Lee for a great experience and look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Ill be sure to tell all my friends about your business as I show off this amazing piece. “Fly Eagles Fly”

  12. Jayne Shacklock (verified owner)

    Hi Lee

    I’ve just received the trophy and I’m astounded at the workmanship you have put into this. It’s an exact replica and I know my son is going to be speechless to receive this on his 21st birthday.

    I will post a picture of him with it on the 6th June on your Facebook page copytrophy.

    Thank you so much for also helping me through the step by step ordering process.
    Smooth transaction and great communication by yourself.

    I have a feeling once he sees this he will be ordering more from you.

    Thank you so much


    A very very happy customer

  13. Clifford Chase (verified owner)

    The trophy is beautiful and my coworkers kept asking if it was the real thing. I’ve passed along your website info to handful of people and told them use me as a reference if they decide to order. Hopefully they will.

    Again, thank you for making this piece of art, I smile every time I glance at it.

    – Cliff Chase

  14. Eric

    Lee provides great customer service throughout the whole process. Paid directly to his Wells Fargo bank account with no issues. I highly recommend and would order through this site again with no hesitation. Thanks Lee!

  15. Joseph (verified owner)

    Lee is a very trusting person,because i could not pay him thru paypal,i wondered if i could trust him with this direct payment to his Wells Fargo account, he called me and talked to me directly,we decided to put names on the trophys so that made them mine, he sent me pictures of the finished trophys,his communication with me was great, i felt i could now trust this pruchase,i made the payments,sent him a email about the payment,he responded(got it),my trophys were shipped few days later,i received my trophys 8 days after payment,they are GREAT,i love them and i would buy again,i TRUST Lee,his work is the best and he is very trusting,it does not get BETTER than Lee’s work.

  16. Torrie Jackson

    Lee is an awesome person and the my husband loves his Chicago Bears trophy. Lee kept in contact throughout the process and I am glad I found this site. I was nervous at first, but smooth transaction that actually took a shorter time than I thought it would.

  17. Sean A Robbins (verified owner)

    I received my SB 52 trophy last week and the quality of the work is awesome. Hoping to add another next year with an Eagles SB 53 win.

  18. Adam (verified owner)


    Thank you so much for your great communication with Zelle bank payment and a smooth transaction on the purchase of my replica Vince Lombardi Trophy Super Bowl 52, LII Philadelphia Eagles. The trophy was well worth every penny and I hope to do business with you again if the Eagles win another Super Bowl! The trophy is amazing! Thanks again!


  19. Zane Moyer (verified owner)

    Hey Lee,

    I just received my trophy and it looks INCREDIBLE! You did such an incredible job and you have my word when I say I will be sure to recommend this to my friends! Absolutely incredible job! I have no worries with you and your business and if I decide to buy something else I will absolutely do so! Again, THANKS!

    – Zane Moyer

  20. Tony Goings (verified owner)

    Hello Lee,

    Just wanted to let you know that I received my trophy today (4/11/18). Excellent work and I love it.



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