(Q1) Why do you have such a long lead time on all the trophies you make?

  • (A) Okay I have been asked this question many times. Firstly, let me begin by telling you that is illegal to sell any goods that bear the service/trademarks of the respective brand owners, unless you are authorized and possess a license. By this I mean all the logo’s NFL, MLB, NBA etc. Unlike other sellers who offer next day dispatch, and who sell their trophies complete with a brands service mark. I refuse to do it. I sell all my trophies completely BLANK at the point of purchase. After you check out the trophy it is then YOU who decides what additional artwork you want me to add to the trophy.

(Q2) Why should I wait for 3 to 6 weeks for a trophy that I can buy now from other sellers?

(Q3) What advantage do you have over other sellers.

  • (A) I would say there are several however I believe the main points would be
  • Because i essentially make these to order for you, i can offer you a fully customized trophy. Even for a person who wants the trophy to look identical to the real trophy, i can still add some personalized engraving on a different part of the trophy. Something that proves we make them and something other sellers who say they make them will not offer. I have engraved countless variations on the trophies in the past. I have put the names on the side of the Lombardi for all the coaches and players who ask for it, especially staff members of the SB 50 winners Denver Bronco’s. Wedding Anniversary messages. Graduation messages and the names of the recipients themselves.


  • Through my store and before this using third party platforms, i have got years of experience making these trophies. You only need to look closely at my trophies and compare the form factor with others out there. It would be clear to all who take the time out to look at the form factor on my trophies in relation to the originals to appreciate the fact my overall build is far closer to the real deal. My specifications with regards to dimensions are ones of accuracy. Remember in almost all cases other similar trophies you see online are copies of my older versions. It is no secret i master the pieces and others feed of the scraps. My constant upgrading keeps me at the top of the pile.


(Q4) Request to make a Trophy that is not on my site.


  • (A) It would be financially impossible for me to make a one-off trophy. Firstly, I would need to make a master sample of each individual part and each part ‘once I have got it right’ (could be several amendments) then needs outsourcing to a dye caste specialist and this is only the beginning, I then must produce samples for the component parts that will be added to the trophy blank.  The cost of all this runs into the thousands of dollars and this is before the trophy proper has even begun! I have recently been asked to make a Kentucky Derby Trophy for a syndicate of shareholders that owned the horse and I basically needed them to commit to 50 pieces before I even considered it. So on the whole the answer is sadly no I cannot make a one off trophy for you.